Totally Sound Fitness Inc. offers personal fitness training, customized one on one personalized exercise workouts and diet nutrition recommendations by an ACE certified personal fitness trainer.

At Totally Sound Fitness your fitness work out session is truly private in our picturesque studio located in Redmond, Washington. With no crowded gym scene, your programs are tailored to your personal fitness goals. Personal fitness at Totally Sound Fitness is not 'one size fits all'. You won't be doing the same old workout routine month after month. We offer no risk, month to month fitness memberships at competitive rates.

Located in Redmond, WA and serving Redmond, Bellevue, Kirkland, Woodinville and the greater Eastside and Seattle we are dedicated to helping you get in the best shape of your life, creating personalized fitness training workout programs customized just for you!

We provide you with an experienced ACE certified personal fitness trainer and individual fitness exercise programs for use at our facility, your home or to take to your favorite health club or gym. Everything you need for your fitness session is provided for you when you come.

Why wait? Totally Sound Fitness offers personalized fitness 1 on 1 training programs, healthy nutritional diet recommendations at competitive rates with month to month fitness memberships.

Are you ready to feel better, lose weight, start exercising, get fit and stronger, learn about nutrition and eating right? Get started today on a fitness program tailored exclusively for you at Totally Sound Fitness, Inc. 

COVID-19 outbreak

As COVID-19 restrictions have eased, Totally Sound Fitness is open again for in person one on one personal fitness training. We are also still offering online personalized fitness work out sessions via Skpe or Zoom. In these times of social distancing you can still maintain a healthy one on one work out routine with us online. Online training is a great option to take advantage of during this time. It offers flexibility in the comfort of your own home. Contact us for details.


founder and owner of Totally Sound Fitness, Inc. has a lifelong commitment to personal fitness and nutrition. She is a personal fitness trainer certified by ACE, the American Counsel on Exercise and a registered nutrition counselor. She enjoys strength training, backpacking, biking, cross-country skiing, sea kayaking, playing piano and ukulele and creating healthy recipes.



Totally Sound Fitness, Inc. truly offers personal client service. Every personal fitness program is custom tailored to your specific needs.

Evaluations of flexibility, strength, cardiovascular and body fat. We custom design a personalized fitness program to meet your individual physical and nutritional goals. Each personal fitness workout is closely monitored to provide the maximum benefit from each exercise. Current research data is continually incorporated into your program and all your personal fitness questions and concerns are answered promptly with up-do-date information.


Totally Sound Fitness, Inc. is located in the private studio of a beautiful Redmond residence within walking distance to Microsoft and close to Bellevue, Kirkland, Woodinville and Seattle. A wide array of personal fitness equipment is available for complete cardiovascular and strength training. Towels, changing area and shower facilities are available for your convenience.


Totally Sound Fitness, Inc. has a new certificate of education titled Physical Activity Instruction for Older Adults. This 40 hour program education certificate offered by DSWFitness, Center for Continuing Education contains modules of learning on strength training for older adults, knee stabilization, working with clients with scoliosis and the overweight older adult.

Totally Sound Fitness, Inc. currently works with a number of clients over 60 and has had great success increasing their mobility and strength. Seniors want to stay active and know that being physically fit is a must for continued health.


Totally Sound Fitness, Inc ACE certified personal fitness trainer and personalized fitness programs provided for use at our facility, at your home, or to take to your favorite health club or gym. Ask about our special offers for Microsoft employees.

Personal Fitness at Totally Sound Fitness, Inc. is not a 'one size fits all' approach. You won't be doing the same old workout routine month after month. No crowded gym scene with programs tailored to your personal fitness goals. We offer no risk month to month fitness memberships and affordable rates.

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The cost of this session $60.00 and is held at Totally Sound Fitness, Inc.. It includes simple flexibility, strength and cardio tests


Payable in blocks of 8 sessions


Per hour


One hour sessions are also $50.00 unless they are outside the facility of Totally Sound Fitness, Inc.


Please contact us at Totally Sound Fitness, Inc to discuss a personal fitness training and or a nutrition program tailored specifically to your needs or if you have any fitness or nutiriontal questions. You can also fill out the FORM below. A representative will be in touch with you shortly. Or feel free to give us call at 425-861-1635 or simply drop us an email at Start today to get into the best shape of your life. Make sure you sign up for our informative monthly NEWSLETTER with exercise tips and nutrition suggestions. We look forward to hearing from you!

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